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Written on 26 juillet 2017.

The Msc in Entrepreneurship and innovation is a fun and supportive environment that encourages each student to craft their unique entrepreneurial career, one they will be passionate about.

MSc. Programme Student Focus :

1. Development of Entrepreneurial Competences
2. Professional and Personal Development
3. Entrepreneurial/Intrapreneurial Experience
4. Exposure to Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

 Dès la rentrée 2017/2018, le Msc in Entrepreneurship and innovation s'enrichira de nouveaux enseignements pour coller aux plus près des besoins des étudiants.

  • Introduction of 19 new courses , including acting, improvisation, meditation, reflective learning log.
  • Teanching focus toward practive, action, reflection
  • Supporting Infrastructure: Coaches, Start-up Funding 
  • Start-Up Accelerator Embedded in Programme

MSc. in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Programme aims to enable the student to develop professional and personal skills and qualities to initiate, resource, lead and manage entrepreneurial opportunities. We encourage each student to build reflection, self awareness and reflexivity (reflection on) of their learning and competency attainment into their daily lives. 

One of the main idea is to provide opportunities for the student to experience entrepreneurship first hand by exploiting their own entrepreneurial opportunity during the Programme. They also will be exposed to entrepreneurial ecosystems, role models and international best practice.

Finally, this EDHEC Programme offers a important number and quality of interactions between companies, support agencies, industry experts, service providers & students.

More information to apply here.


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